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Water Crystals


Water Crystals

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Water Crystals are a great way to maintain humidity and also to give you Dubia Roaches the necessary amount of water they need to stay healthy. This moisture they ingest is then passed onto the animals you feed them to. 

Just 1 oz makes about 1 gallon of water crystals. Just add 1 oz of water crystals to 1 gallon of water. Let it sit overnight for full expansion and they are ready for your Dubia Roach bin.

Water crystals are best served in some sort of dish so they are contained and do not cause bacteria or mold growth. You dubia roach water dish can be a plastic bowl scratched up with sand paper to give traction to the dubia roaches feeding out of it.

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How much water crystals will this make? 

2.5 tsp makes 3 cups

1 Tbl makes 6 cups

2 Tbl makes 12 cups

3 Tbl (1 oz) makes 1 gallon

1 lb makes 16 gallons

All our water crystals are non-toxic and will not harm your dubia roaches or the exotic pets that ingest them.