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Warehouse dedicate to bulk distribution of Dubia Roach Reptile Feeders at competitive prices.

Shipping Info

234w 166s Valparaiso, IN 46385

Shipping & Returns

Shipping Information



1-3 days handling could be added to your wait time if orders are in high volume or require special attention. This includes dubia roach orders placed on a Thursday-Friday and shipping is not expected to depart until Monday.

How are dubia roaches shipped?

All dubia roach orders are shipped in specially selected boxes per their quantities. Unless otherwise notified all dubia roach order are shipped inside a sealed box with egg crate pieces for comfortability and with food incase the shipment takes longer than expected.

Plan on opening the package over a plastic bin as the dubia roaches are roaming freely inside the sealed box.

Why do we ship in boxes and not plastic containers?

Dubia Roach Warehouse has gone through extensive testing to find the best means of shipping with only two things in mind. Dubia roach survival rate, and dubia roach health/wellness. In many test orders we performed in plastic containers the dubia roaches were suffering high casualties even with an egg crate in the container. The result was the same.

Our prediction was that they container was smooth and did not allow all of the dubia roaches to have a strong foothold and as a result they were tossed around during the shipping process. This made them sickly and even resulted in death. For this reason we try and ship all our dubia roaches in sealed cardboard boxes along with egg create pieces for comfortability to be sure our dubia roach arrive to our customer happy, healthy, and alive.

When will I receive my Dubia Roaches?

Your Dubia Roach shipment is labeled the very day you order it. It is then picked up and shipped via USPS, FedEx, or UPS Monday - Wednesday. If you order on a Thursday or Friday the order will be held until the following Monday to prevent the roaches from sitting in a post office. This could result in high casualties so to prevent it we ship Mon-Wed. If the expected delivery date is not before Friday or at least guaranteed on Friday we will not ship it to prevent losses and customer dissatisfaction.

The average delivery time for USPS Priority mail is 2-3 business days. UPS standard can be within 5-7 business days. FedEx Varies Upon location. Visit our "Contact" page if you’ve been waiting longer or have any concerns about your order.

Will you ship internationally?

Shipping will be charged to your specific location. Multiple shipping options will be provided to serve the customer with the lowest price. If you would like to purchase products, customs requires that a phone number be provided for international shipping. If the item is not allowed through customs due to your locations laws or rules and then returned to Dubia Roach Warehouse, customers may be charged for any perished dubia roaches and also a restocking fee (15%). A refund will be granted for the living dubia roaches. If feed packaging has been opened it cannot be returned for a refund as this could be contaminated. We do not profit from shipping or charge handling. Shipping is the charged directly from USPS, UPS, & FedEx.

Can I Come pickup my dubia roaches to save on shipping costs?

Yes. If you are close enough to Valparaiso, IN 46385 & you would like to pick up your merchandise, you can do so. This will save you from paying shipping costs & also prevent loss of Dubia Roaches. You can email Dubia Roach Warehouse at about a time and location for pickup.

Has Your Shipping Provider Been Change?

If a customer desired shipping provider is not able to perform the shipment in a timely or efficient manner, the provider can be changed by Dubia Roach Warehouse to provide the best service to its customers.

States That Dubia Roaches Cannot Be Delivered To Includes:

Hawaii & Florida. If you live in one of these sates your order will be refunded and will not ship. A 10% charge will be held if this is a recurring charge.


Easy Returns & Exchanges

We gladly accept for return or exchange within 30 days of the purchase of any merchandise purchased from Dubia Roach Warehouse that has not been altered and or destroyed and must be accompanied with it's original receipt or packing slip. Valid photo I.D. required for all in store returns. 

If the product returned has been altered, damaged, filthy, or after a date which the item has perished, a full refund is not given. If the product returned is in the same condition as it was shipped from Dubia Roach Warehouse we will refund your account the full amount of the product and charge your account 15% for restocking. 


Dubia Roach Warehouse has a 30 day return policy on its supplies. If the item hasn't been altered or damaged then it could be returned for a full or partial refund depending on the condition of the item. 

Dubia roaches are considered perishable goods and are 100% not refundable.

Please be sure to include the original Invoice Receipt with the return as well as a reason as to why its being returned.

Return Address:

Dubia Roach Warehouse
234W 166S
Valparaiso, IN 46385