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What Do Dubia Roaches Eat?


What Do Dubia Roaches Eat?

Jeremy Smith

Well a lot of individuals online will tell you that you have to feed your roaches particular feeds etc for them to live. But that is not the case. If you are simply keeping your Dubia Roaches alive just to feed them to your exotic pets, then you do not need to worry so much about them eating a particular feed. If you are trying to breed them, grow them, etc then you do need particular feeds with specific ingredients to help your colony flourish. 

Dubia Roach in the wild would eat lots of greens, fruits, vegetables. They generally would be able to find everything they need scavenging on the rainforest floor. If you ordered around 50 Dubia Roaches that you simply plan on feeding to your exotic pets over the next week or two, then you can use things like carrots to feed them. This has necessary vitamins you want to pass on to your exotic pets that eats them and also have the necessary moisture the Dubia Roach needs to live. This will save you from having to invest in things like water crystals as well as they will get necessary moisture from the vegetables you feed them.

If you are trying to raise Dubia Roaches or maybe you just order a bunch or extra smalls with intentions of growing them to size to use as a feeder for your exotic pet, then you will need to find adequate Dubia Roach Feed. You will want enough protein to promote growth, calcium to be passed onto your exotic pet that eats them, moisture, etc. Protein should be around 20%. Some people sell feeds with 50% protein but this actually kills Dubia Roaches over time. This is some peoples way of keeping you from being able to breed Dubia Roaches. In turn this can also kill the pet that eats the Dubia Roaches. In one study it actually was found to have give a bearded dragon a type of liver cancer. Also too little protein will result in underdeveloped Dubia Roaches as well. 20% protein is the perfect balance between both.

Fresh vegetables and fruits should always be available to Dubai Roaches to give them the necessary vitamins for growth, breeding, and to be passed onto your exotic pets that eat them. This ensures good health in your Dubia Roach Bins and in your exotic pets that eats them as well.

Moisture is necessary for Dubia Roaches growth as the need to molt (shed skin) a couple times each month. Without proper moisture the Dubia Roaches will not be able to shed their loose skin and will die in it. The fresh vegetable and fruits will help with this. Also giving them Water Crystals will ensure they always have the opportunity to get more water necessary for their survival.

Some people claim they give their Dubia Roaches cereals, breads, desserts, and just about any other scraps they find around the house. This will keep them alive but as mentioned before, if your doing this you may find your Dubia Roaches underdeveloped and same for the exotic pets your feed them to. You should always be cautious about what your feeding your Dubia Roaches and monitor their Health when trying new feeds.