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Setting Up Grower Bins


Setting Up Grower Bins

Jeremy Smith

Grower bins are for new baby nymphs they you want to put on good healthy wight fast so they can be used as feeder for your pets. First thing to consider with a breeder bin is the container you will store them in. Baby Dubia Roach Nymphs are generally very good climbers since their feet are so small and can fit into the smallest cracks or holes. You will want to make sure the bin you choose is incredibly slick and smooth with vertical walls to prevent them from climbing. You can also add packaging tape to the top 2-3 inches of the bin incase they do climb that high, they will touch the slick packaging tape and slide off.

Baby Nymph Dubai Roaches generally hide under stuff or in the darkest places to hide from predators. If you want to accommodate them you could use a bin thats very dark inside. You also want to add proper ventilation by cutting holes in the bin lids and hot gluing aluminum screen mesh to the tops of it so no unwelcome visitors will come into your grower bins. Temperature of your grower bins should range between 85-95 degrees Fahrenheit. Keep in mind that Dubia Roaches metabolism increases when they are in higher temperatures so the warmer the bin, the more they will eat, gain weight, and grow. 

Since we are talking about weight, lets talk Dubia Roach Feed. There are so many sites and food choices online. So what do you do? You could either try them our and see if you notice a difference, or you could make your own. Keep tracking of how long it takes you to make your own if you do this. Generally 10 pounds of feed could take hours to prepare fully. Dubia roaches in the wild would eat all sorts of vegetation so as far as keeping them alive you don't need to get crazy. But if your want your growing bin to thrive you will want necessary feed with all the essential protein, calcium, and vitamins necessary for your Dubia Roaches and the animals you feed them to.

Protein should be at least 20% for your Dubia Roaches to grow fast. You cannot exceed 40-50% protein. Some sites will sell feed with this much protein in it to hurt customers Dubia Roach colony. The result is that the high protein in Dubia Roaches turns into uric acid which is transferred to your pets that eat them and it can kill them or in one study it gave a bearded dragon a type of liver cancer. The uric acid is the roaches way of creating its own protein if food ever got low, they could turn the uric acid into necessary protein to go weeks without food. Too much of this can result in death of your Dubia Roach colony as well.

20% is a healthy amount of protein for your Dubia Roaches. You can add more but as mentioned before, if your bin temperatures are high enough, it will raise your Dubia Roaches metabolism causing them to eat more anyways. You should add occasional vegetables or fruits sliced into the grower bin to give them necessary vitamins for growth, health, and ultimately to be transferred to your pets.

Humidity is incredibly important n grower bins! Your Dubia Roaches will molt (shed skin) several times and each time growing larger than before. If humidity is too low it will cause the Dubia Roaches to not be able to get out of their skins and shed them and ultimately die in their skin. If humidity is too high it can cause mold or fungi to grow which in turn will kill off large numbers of your Dubia Roach colony. The keys to controlling humidity levels are ventilation, air flow, and a water source. As mentioned before you need a proper sized hole cut into the lid of your bin to allow air to exchange with aluminum screen mesh hot glued on it to prevent unwanted visitors from mixing in with your bin. If this is not enough you can also add a vent on the small side of each bin (lower third) that allows sir to flow through the bin, you could also add a small desk fan to one side to assist the air flowing through the bin (use on low and set back far enough that it doesn't disturb them).

Also if you need more humidity (which is generally the issue) you can use water crystals. Use these in a small container that scratched up with at least 60 grit sandpaper to allow the Dubai Roaches to climb in and out as they wish. If you need even more humidity you could add a jar of some type with a sealed lid on top of it with several small holes poked in it. Once water is added to the jar mount it somewhere in the box that it can get bumped over or split and as the water heats with the bin it will evaporate causing more humidity in your bin. 

Lastly, room to grow is important. You can have everything perfect in your bin and keep dumping new babies in it but eventually you will reach a level of maximum occupancy in your grower bin where you notice more and more dead in your bin (You need to clean these out). You can gain a little more room by using ever square inch in your grower bin. Dubia Roaches love to climb etc so you can stack egg crates and flats all the way up to the top (leave at least 2-3 inches from the top to prevent any from escaping). Do leave the area around their feed dish opened. Stack crates around and eventually over it. This will ensure you get all the extra room you can out of your bins. 

Growing bins are not as temperamental as breeder bins but they do require upkeep and constant monitoring to ensure a healthy growth rate so they can quickly become feeders for your pets. Be sure to maintain cleanliness by cleaning your bins bi weekly or monthly. This will help ensure less deaths in your bins. You could get away with a few roaches in one bin by waiting up to 6 months without cleaning but the roaches will not be very healthy and thats what you would be feeder your pets that eat them.