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Can I Feed Dead Dubia Roaches To My Pets?


Can I Feed Dead Dubia Roaches To My Pets?

Jeremy Smith

Feeding dead Dubia Roaches to your pets can be a risky scenario. It best not to if at all possible. Most of the time its hard to determine when the roach died or why it died. If its a Dubia Roach that didn't have enough humidity and died, the animal that eats it would be missing that moisture as well. If the Dubia Roach has been dead for a few days (reason for death unknown) this could be risky to the pet that eats them if they don't normally eat dead things in their diet. They could carry illnesses or even harmful pathogens that grow on them due to the warm temperatures in your bin during the decaying process.

The old saying comes to mid that reads "You are what you eat". It's incredibly risky feed Dubia Roaches to your pets if it's are not already in their diet to eat dead things. Generally theres a lot invested with exotic pets that ingest Dubia Roaches so it's safe to say its not worth risking your investment to feed them a few dead Dubia Roaches just to get all you can out of them.

This is also why its so important to remove dead roaches from your ins so they wont resort to cannibalism eating their dead and passing illnesses around to the rest of your colony. A clean colony is a healthy colony.