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Can Dubia Roaches Climb?

Jeremy Smith

Dubia Roaches are great feeders for your exotic pets. But what about housing or storing them? What are the risks? Do you want them in your house? What does it compare to? What happens if they get out? Will they infest my home?

Dubia Roaches are incredibly easy to take care of compared to other feeders. They need to be store in an area that between the temperatures or 68-95 degrees fahrenheit. Their bin should have vent hole for air to pass through.

They make virtually no noise at all. In a rare occasion you may hear one fall in its container.

Dubia Roaches cannot fly. They can climb so if they are kept in a container with smooth surfaces (Tupperware container or storage box) they will not be able to climb this. Their legs do not have claws and are basically nubs so this makes smooth surfaces impossible for them to climb. The new born babies may be able to get a foot in some containers so packaging tape could be use at the top of the containers to create more of a flat surface to ensure theres no way for them to get out.

Breeding temperature for Dubia Roaches are between 85-95 degrees fahrenheit so the idea of them getting out and reproducing and infesting your home is almost impossible. Also they tend to die in temperature colder than 68 degrees fahrenheit. So during winter months any survivors would perish in your home.

Also food would be difficult for them to find. Even in they did get loose in your home they would have trouble getting to the food and they have difficulty climbing.

Lastly they need high humidity for they to molt (shed skin) which they do a couple times each month. If they don't have the proper humidity to molt they would get stuck in their skins and die. So unless you have your home set up with rainforest like conditions, you will never have an issue with Dubai Roaches producing in your home. 

Storing Dubia Roaches is unlike any other feeder. Its incredibly easy but also very safe if any of them got out. They don't make noise and cannot fly or climb out of containers with smooth surfaces. Even if the container got bumped over and some got out, they wouldn't be able to survive the conditions in your home. Dubia Roaches are a better choice for your exotic pet and a safer choice for your home.