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Why Feed Your Reptiles Dubia Roaches?

Jeremy Smith

Protein is essential to any reptile. Generally the go to choice for reptile owners is crickets or mealworms but to fully satisfy their protein requirement and keep them healthy it's important your reptile gets a larger amounts of protein. Dubia Roaches are extremely high in protein. In fact they are significantly higher in protein than substitutes such as crickets, mealworms, etc.

Protein: Crickets are generally only providing 18% of a reptile's needed protein were as Dubia Roaches provide almost all of your reptiles protein needs. So ounce for ounce, Dubia Roaches give you the “best bang for your buck”.

Dubia Roaches are  much larger than crickets and more nutritious so generally one roach can do the same job that 7-9 crickets of equal size could do.

Aside from protein, roaches are also high in calcium. So if your somone that has to sprinkle calcium over the cricket your reptile eats, Dubia roaches will save you of this chore so you can spend more time enjoying your pets rather than preparing their next meals.

Dubia Roaches are also high in fat, and ash. All these nutrients are essential for the health of your reptile and are not so plentiful in other feeders. Clearly, Dubia Roaches are the best choice for feeding reptiles.