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Should You Use Cleaner Bugs?


Should You Use Cleaner Bugs?

Jeremy Smith

Buffalo Beetles, Dermetsides Beetles, Isopods... The list goes on. Many sites will recommend using "cleaner crews" for your Dubia Roach bins. Fact is that cleaner crews work even when your not looking in your bin. 

Buffalo Beetles are sold fairly cheap and reproduce very quickly. If you decide to experiment with these set up a small bin with a "counted number" of roaches and check them monthly. You will see the Buffalo Beetles will eat extra Dubia Roach feed so the rumors of them pestering Dubia Roaches will never happen. You will see for yourself that when buffalo beetles have cleaned up all the dead Dubia Roaches they will resort to Dubia Roach Feed but you will not have any issues with them harming your Dubia Roaches.

Eventually when their number grow too large (which happen very quickly) As you clean out your bin don't worry about Buffalo beetles and larvae that get thrown out. They will reproduce and make back up their number very quickly.

Dermetsides Beetles are good to use but they fly and you quickly notice them all over the room the bin is in every time the lid is lifted to check or feed your Dubia Roaches. You will quickly see these cleaners are more work to keep contained than if you were to just clean the bin out yourself.

So what is the answer to a self cleaning bin that has high repopulation rates, smells clean, and makes it so you almost never have to clean the bin? Truth is this isn't as hard as it sounds. You could choose not to use cleaner crews and not clean your bin. Long as there is not mold, maggots, or excess fruit juices you could go a few months without cleaning your bin. But if you want the highest repopulation rate in your bin you need to clean your bin out monthly. Failure to do this will cause your dead to increase and your repopulating Dubia Roaches to breed less. The Buffalo Beetles will help maintain the bin in between.