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How do I store Dubia Roaches?


How do I store Dubia Roaches?

Jeremy Smith

Storing Dubia Roaches in comparison to crickets is much easier. Unlike crickets, Dubia Roaches make vertically no noise. Also unlike crickets they have no smell. Dubia Roaches cannot fly and have no claws so they cannot clim smooth vertical surfaces. This is why storing Dubia Roaches can be easily done in a plastic Tupperware container or storage tote. 

Storing Dubia Roaches longterm can be done but does come as a little bit of a chore. They need a fresh veritable piece that they can eat to get their daily dose of water or you could use Water Crystals. Dubia Roaches should never have a water dish as they will drown. To grow properly Dubia Roaches need to have adequate Dubia Roach Feed

Ventilation: You want humidity in your container to be around 40%. In a small Tupperware container you could get away with several hole poked in the lid but several Dubia Roaches in a storage tote should have a large hole cut out in the lid to allow air flow to pass. These holes should also be covered with a mesh screen and glued down with a hot glue gun. This is not to prevent the Dubia Roaches from escaping but rather to keep fly's and other nuisances from contaminating your bin.

Temperature: This is a major factor when storing Dubia Roaches. Dubia roaches cannot live in weather much less than 60 degrees Fahrenheit. If you cant think of a place to keep them a closet or furnace room normally stays warmer than the rest of the home. Most people store them in the garage but if you live in an area with cold winters this may kill off your Dubia Roaches. Garages generally are use to store insecticides so even with a screen over you lid ventilation you still could get small fruit flies cross contaminating your colony. 

Cleaner Bugs: Many sites will recommend cleaner bugs for your Dubia Roach colony. This is a very good choice to keep your colony healthy and clean when your unable to monitor them daily. Cleaner Crews come in several shapes and sizes but the most commonly use cleaned bug is the Buffalo Beetle. Is extremely small so when cleaning out the bin its easy to seperate them from the rest of your Dubia Roaches. If their numbers do get too high you can simply throw them out with the frass and the Buffalo Beetles remaining in the bin will quickly repopulate. They do not fly and similar to the Dubia Roach they cannot climb smooth surfaces making this cleaner a good companion for your Dubia Roaches.