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Warehouse dedicate to bulk distribution of Dubia Roach Reptile Feeders at competitive prices.

About Us

Welcome To Dubia Roach Warehouse


We are a small family run business that decided that the high prices of feeder insects had to stop. Why should good feeder roaches cost an arm and a leg?

We in the process of expanding, our breeding of dubia roaches. All of our dubia roaches are being bred specifically to sell as breeders giving them the best nutritional value. At the moment we are saving many dubia roaches of each size to ensure our breeding stock is large enough to allow supply but so we can grow and not run out. We will however be selling select quantities of each size as their numbers build in excess.

Here at Dubia Roach Warehouse we breed and sell all our own roaches. The reason we do this is for quality control and to give you the best live feeder dubia roaches for your reptiles or other exotic pets.

By breeding everything ourselves we know that we send top quality dubia roaches to you at affordable prices.

All our dubia roaches are fed on our own specially formulated roach chow, that has been designed to provide high nutrition along with high protein allowing the roaches you buy to be fed or bred the moment you receive them. This gives you the best live food possible for your exotic pets. Our dubia roaches carry the best nutrition your animals will ever have.

We hope to be able to provide you with all the information you require in order to purchase, keep, breed your own dubia roaches from us. This is a one stop shop where everything you require will be available to you along with the know-how on the most popular roaches on the market, The Blaptica Dubia Roaches.

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Dubia Roach Warehouse